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Coffee & Cigarettes :: mynameisanh
Wednesday. 8.4.10 12:17 am


And you can not beat me at Mario Kart 64.

Why do you cut your lclothes? That's lame.

I also cut my own hair.

WTF is a water spinach?

California sucks, New York sucks, and Europe is smelly. Texas FTW

77.. pffffft

I hope you come back as a chicken so I can fry you and make a meal.

» Dilated on 2010-08-04 12:37:57

Unfortunately, I haven't played that many otome games. Because I don't know any Japanese, I can only play English ones. I've played Yo-jin-bo, got all the characters and the bonus ending (yes, i used the walkthrough). I'm now playing a doujin Alistair :) Advancing to Travis and will get to Shiro later. I got Derek though ^o^. Waiting for the english patch for Princess Nightmare (currently in the work, hopefully done soon D:) and I'll probably play this "very legally."

It doesn't help that I don't have a DS either :( So I can only play english PC otome games Dx

Do you know any english ones with awesome epic bishies in it? :) Recommend? 8D
» peanutmelon on 2010-08-04 03:55:50

LOL yeah yo-jin-bo is a bit boring, that's why i saved some of the first few decisions so i can skip through them and click through 8DD Some of them have some pretty dark and complicated pasts :|...

Agh. Guess that will come out of my budget : ) It's not that bad actually since I will probably not party and socialize like other uni students 8)

Yeah i thought so. But I don't know if it will actually prepare me for medical school? Since I might need to take a few more Sciences than the prerequisites to actually prepare me better for meds. :(
» peanutmelon on 2010-08-04 01:18:14

Oh yeah, since you're going to start playing Alistair. I must fangirl with you. Travis is reaaaaalllyy hot LOL hehe x3 *going for Shiro now*
» peanutmelon on 2010-08-04 03:02:18

Gah I totally understand :/ And most people have another plan if they don't get into med school, like biomedical engineering or something >: (
» peanutmelon on 2010-08-04 04:09:14

LOL! Shiro was SO cute! I've finished them all but I think i rushed for Derek's (first guy i went for) since I'm missing one picture missing from the Others in the CG Gallery D: Even though I've finished all of their endings I'm still missing a bonus? scene.. ;_; Or maybe I needed to have a bad ending? xD I don't know..
» peanutmelon on 2010-08-04 04:11:04

I blog all of my CGs on my tumblr, that's why XD;; I need them for memories. :|

Oh, awesome idea! Will do that later 8)

Oh and for 72, I feel like going for a normal job like a math teacher or something and travel around the world :|. But no, I'm not so well off to get a normal job, I have to earn 5-6k or so =_=" So my family said.

OMG, hard time finding a job? Seriously, I'm really scared of the current economic recession T_T How am I going to survive later on >
» peanutmelon on 2010-08-04 11:05:43

Yeah, or a flight attendant or whatever :| Hell, I'd like to be a graphics designer :/

Yeah, teachers get breaks, which sounds pretty great to me. And LOOOL Ph.D, a doctor hahaha, yeah technically, just not the same doctor my parent wants to me to be. I doubt I can teach a college class though ;;>_> a bit more troublesome than, say, middle school class ._.;

Oh yeah, that's true about health care profession. I'd like to work in a hospital rather than my own clinic though, so that's a breakdown. Even though my work would be less flexible but I like the hospital's environment. x)
» peanutmelon on 2010-08-05 08:32:11

I LOVE your layout! :D
14 - What concerts? Who did you see play?
30 - I absolutely love the sound of the cello ^_^
86 - I really like the 60's, too. Mostly because of the great, influential music.
» invisible on 2010-08-15 01:07:22



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