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Coffee & Cigarettes :: mynameisanh
guyamas sonora
Thursday. 8.5.10 5:42 am
Something I need to do before I either die or succumb to a boring life of working 9-5: Read at least 10 (good) novels in a year. Sounds easy but I don't think I've done it since I was 12. I came quite close in summer 2008 when I was reading Battle Royale, my ninth one, until it was time for school again and I got preoccupied worrying about my schedule and quitting my stupid job. And for the rest of the year, I read nothing but textbooks since I had to take wintermester as well.

I'm not sure how accomplished I would've felt if I had completed 10 books anyway, since four of them were comprised of the Twilight Series (vomit). I don't regret reading them though, assuming they haven't killed any of my precious brain cells, since after completing them I now know how to appreciate quality literature.

It's depressing thinking about it since I'm pretty sure now that the list of "books I was in the middle of reading, but got distracted and proceeded to forget everything about it" has probably far outnumbered the list of total books I've read in the last 7 years or so. I could've spent all that twilight-reading time on finishing those, although I hardly remember any of them. I should really keep a list...

Now that it's August already, I'll probably only have enough time to read one novel after my summer class ends, upon which I will then forever be rid of organic chemistry I, hoorah! Well...that is if I don't blow my one whole week of summer break on video games, manga and/or sleeping.

Beirut - Guyamas Sonora

In the hall I heard your feints falling,
your trial and my corrections made.

You have all the prayers of my loose heart.
You have all the prayers that once had gone.

No I was not there on the church stairs.
The wind in my hair, fled through night's air


High school-sophomore year I spent all of my English classes reading 30 novels. Okay, some of them aren't exactly novels.. they were like mini-novels. I guess college classes are way more hectic than high school classes, but back then I literally cut down all of my internet time to read because I NEEDED to know what was going to happen. The only time I ever went online was to update my goodreads list.

Start reading from morning till' night? XD You'll finish one novel in a couple of days. Assuming a novel is like the length of Hush Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick.
» peanutmelon on 2010-08-05 08:42:44

wanna play some videogames, read manga, and ..
» Dilated on 2010-08-05 03:56:57

Yeah, but of those 30 novels, there are some tiny ones like.. Elizabeth Scott and Sarah Dessen books. Also, books like Hush Hush and Twilight (omfgwtfbbqsauce), I tend to finish in a day or two, so yeah. Other novels like The Hunger Games, etc. are rip offs of Battle Royale but entertaining, so i tend to finish them in 1 or 2 days too.

OMG me too! I remember I bought like random books of Harry Potter and halfway through it, quits, and end up reading spoilers. =_="" That's pretty bad...

Manga novels? Those are novels, fan-translated though.

Agh I'm not, I'm a meat lover :( But I like fruits too so I guess that's okay. Pilates? Hm, I'm not much of a fit person so I don't know, but wouldn't that build up abs rather than burning my fat? Building up abs = fatter tummy, whut ._.
» peanutmelon on 2010-08-05 05:46:36

Ugh, I can't exercise for my life :( I'll just stick to this horrible diet ;_;""
» peanutmelon on 2010-08-07 10:58:49

I feel, especially during shorter breaks, it's hard to not put off accomplishing anything besides "relaxing" with stuff like tv, computer or whatever.
What are some of the books on your list?
» invisible on 2010-08-15 01:31:30

Yeah! It was supposed to be platinum blonde, not yellow blonde, but I can't complain :/

Awhh thanks! My eyes are the biggest in the family, which makes everyone suspicious about my birth... LOL. OMG you're so pretty :| I've been talking to you a bunch of times and I didn't even know you were THIS pretty?! *A*
» peanutmelon on 2010-08-16 12:14:55

O_O Why? I love your eyes!

Nope, I didn't bleach. I just bought the bottle, and mixed and used it. At first it was brown then eventually it became blonde. i left it on for an hour or two though.

Hm, maybe different brands? But I used almost all of the bottle and could only do highlights, so there's the fact that you probably didn't have enough for your whole head. LOL, I don't know.
» peanutmelon on 2010-08-16 03:31:41

I love so many things Wes Anderson, and The Royal Tenenbaums is my favorite. And Luke Wilson is his most attractive in it, too. X]


SCOTT PILGRIM!! I just saw the movie this week and it was a lot of fun. As with any film adaptation of anything, there was stuff that was omitted here and there, and not always to-the-book in some things, but you got the gist of it. And it was FUN. Perhaps the most fun I've had in watching a movie (in a while). ^_^

Joseph Gordon-Levitt!! I love him in so many things. It almost made me a little sad inside when I learned he was in G.I. Joe. (I still went to go see it.)
There's so much wonderful literature out there that I would love to read. My main hinderance is I feel I don't have enough time, so I don't start things. Which is dumb because usually I do dumb time-wasting things in my spare time anyways. Bah, I don't know...

OMGJACKWHITEEEEE (even though the E is silent....)
I am somewhat obsessed with him. (Just a little. As in I like to think about his awesomeness, and how incredible it is that he really exists. He almost seems as though he should be fictitious, to me.)
I love, "It Might Get Loud" and I just saw/bought "Under Great White Northern Lights". I lovelovelovelove The White Stripes, The Racentours are great and I'm still learning about The Dead Weather. On their first album, I only kinda liked the "buffalo" song. But I hope this changes with their new album. So far I really like "Die By The Drop".

I will end this novel of a comment with some music and/or book recommendations.
Music: Brand New, The Black Keys, and... that's all I can think of for now X/
Books: "Howl's Moving Castle" by Diana Wynne Jones (While the Gibli film is a fave, I love the book SO MUCH MORE - there's so much more to it!)

» invisible on 2010-08-19 10:56:42

Contrary to what most people think, Canada doesn't have that much benefits :( So nope, no tax-free weekend sale for school shopping. Walmart was having some decent sale (which ended yesterday) so I decided to stop by and buy some stuff xD not that I will actually use them all anyways. And yeah, I see a lot of people there D: But I mean, it's WALMART, people are ALWAYS crowding there. The back2school section was filled with elementary kids and their rich parents :|.
» peanutmelon on 2010-08-20 09:52:17

OH YES. My favorite scenes in The Royal Tenenbaums is when Margot gets off the bus to meet Richie, and his suicide scene. Love love love it. I am always sad when I see Luke Wilson in those awful commercials. He's gotten so... round! :/

Yeah! The movie is great. When I was watching it, I immediately wanted it on DVD, too X)

Some of my fave Gordon-Levitt movies are "Brick" and "Mysterious Skin." He's also in "The Lookout" and "Treasure Planet". The SNL he hosted was ok, but the "Mellow Show" skit was my favorite thing of all time for a while. It's still one of my favorite things to watch on the internet. :D

But only The Edge is in "It Might Get Loud". And he's the best one!
I have not seen "Coffee & Cigarettes". Now I absolutely have to!

From watching the movie, I'm not sure if there's anything definite that has Sophie love Howl. I think it's one of those things where the girl takes care of the guy in a mess and begins to slowly care for him romantically, too. Things like this always play out better in the books where relationships, details and experiences are expounded on than in a movie. In the book you find out there's a LOT more to Howl than you thought. Especially if all you know is the Ghibli film. X]
» invisible on 2010-08-25 12:12:00

Yeah! I just listened to "These Days" on youtube today because I've had it stuck in my head off and on since I watched The Royal Tenenbaums last (which was Wednesday, before I commented.)

Yeah! I really like Howl's Moving Castle. Considering re-reading it soon... It might not happen until Thanksgiving break or later, with all the reading I have for my western civ class.

(I have requested "Coffee & Cigarettes" from the library. I will be watching it soon!)
» invisible on 2010-08-28 10:04:18

you suck. update. sucker of you.
» undisputed on 2010-09-05 11:56:08

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I am...
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20. A college student.
I live in Texas.
I shower naked.

What else?

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I live for color.

Oh, and I like music.

"Without music, life would be a mistake."
-- Friedrich Nietzsche

Anh: Where is Minnesota?
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"She doesn't have a name.
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